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Getting into lead guitar playing is an exciting time regardless of the type of music you're into. I started off like most people learning the pentatonic scale and getting into blues and rock guitar however I can clearly remember being blown away by the sheer sophistication and musical intellgence of country guitar players like Vince Gill ripping through country solos. It was a combination of lightning technique and an amazing use of chromatic notes that really made an impact upon my ears.

Here's an example from YouTube of what I'm talking about...

Before you get into learning solos from your favourite players and country guitar licks in general the starting point should always be a thorough understanding of guitar scales. Country music makes heavy use of the following scales and these are the most important to get down

  1. Major pentatonic scale (with its chromatic notes)
  2. Major scale
  3. Minor pentatonic

All licks are born from scales no matter how 'out there' or chromatic they may sound. So "step one" is definitely to make sure you have drilled your scales to the point of making them automatic and second-nature.

The second step is to make sure that you have mastered some important country guitar techniques as many of the most commonly played licks depend upon them.

Chicken Pickin'
Travis Pickin'
Pedal Steel Licks & Bending